The New Orleans International

Music Colloquium
Welcome to the 2015 New Orleans International Music Colloquium!

The New Orleans International Music Colloquium (NOIMC) is an annual series of informal presentations, panels and interviews by local scholars and musicians, exploring the history and heritage of New Orleans music.  It is free and open to the public.

The 19th annual colloquium takes place on Friday, April 10 & Saturday, April 11 in the Louisiana State Museum’s Arsenal in the French Quarter.  (Enter through the Cabildo on Jackson Square and take the elevator to the Arsenal's third floor meeting room.)  

See below for the 2015 event schedule or click here for a printable version


New Light on Old Mysteries: Words, Bands, & Indians


Friday, April 10

9:30 Introduction & Opening Remarks

10:00 Plenary Session --Discussing our Theme-panelists from the programs

11:00 Jazz Landmarks- David Kunian, Michael Duplantier & others

11:45 Music Played at the Battle of New Orleans-Dr. Carolyn Kolb 

1:00 The Buddy Bolden Context-Dan Meyer & Dr. Jack Stewart

2:00 New Orleans Rhythm Kings Origins-Sue Fischer

3:00 N.O. Music (from or popular here) on Mechanical Instruments-Bobby Skinner

4:00 Etymology of the Word “Jazz”-Justin Winston


Saturday, April 11

10:00 Mardi Gras Indians: The Unwritten Chapter-John McCusker

11:00 Choctaw Musical Performances in New Orleans-Shane Lief

12:00 Indigenous Peoples’ Effect on Louisiana Music-Shane Lief & others

1:00 More N.O. Music Memories-Dr. Carolyn Kolb

2:00 Irish Influences on New Orleans Music Part 2-Dr. Jack Stewart

3:00 The Portuguese in New Orleans, Part 2-Will Buckingham

4:00 The Politics of History-Shane Lief, Dr. Jack Stewart & others


Dedicated to the Memory of Larry Gushee and Frank Glowacki

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